How to speak emoji to your customers


13 Feb How to speak emoji to your customers

A picture is worth a thousand words – especially when that picture is a well-executed emoji.These days, teens and millennials aren’t the only ones expressing themselves through tiny emotive pictures. Brands are getting in on the emoji game, too. In the fourth quarter of 2015, 60 percent of the 500 of the most-followed brands used emojis in their tweets in (Social bankers, 2015).

How can you?

When it comes to emoji interactions with your customers, the more creative the better! Here are three simple ideas you could do to incorporate them into your customer messaging:

  1. Put it in your social media posts

Since you’re representing a brand, you’ll want to be professional yet personable. The key is to keep it simple. The basic smiley face will be your best friend. When referencing weather or locations, use snowflakes, palm trees, or rainbows. If you sell cars or homes or swim lessons, there is an emoji for that, too. You’ll have to scroll through a lot of options, but the extra effort will add some personality to your social media posts.

  1. Put it in your name

One way you can get in the emoji game is by putting one in your Twitter handle (the personalized ID used to follow you or your business – ours is @CTWContent). It’s not possible on LinkedIn (unless you’re a marketer!), but on Twitter, why not have a little fun and add that emoji next to your name? Most handles don’t have them, so in an endless Tweet feed it makes you stand out. An emoji in a handle is less likely to be scrolled over because it’s uncommon, which means more eyeballs will stop to look at your post. However, only do this if it is relevant to your brand.

Unfortunately, you can’t create your own emoji yet L – trust me, I tried everything to make one. However, that shouldn’t stop you from finding a unique way to represent your brand. I settled on the pencil, which is the perfect emoji for Content That Works since we are a content creation company.


  1. Use it in customer service interaction

When you say, “I am glad we were able to help you after solving a problem!” add a smiley face. People want to know there is a real person behind the screen helping them. Personal touches such an emoji can make them more trusting of the service they are receiving for that brand. In fact, 64.7% of people said emojis make it easy for others to understand them (stastica, 2016). Generic or brief messages can come across as cold, and emojis can add authentic warmth to the conversation, which allows your brand to better connect with customers.


Yes, I made up that word and here is how you pronounce it  – e-mo-ja-spir-ation. Emojaspiration happens when you not only are inspired by an emoji-based campaign, but also aspire to emulate that brand’s on-point emoji use. Here are a few campaigns that give me emojaspiration:

Chrysler video

This commercial has been around for a while, but what is really cool about this campaign is the brand asked for people to express their reactions to the product by using only emojis.

This type of campaign could be utilized for any type of business. This is because it does one of the most important jobs of social-media: it asks the customer to get involved. Hold a contest and ask your customers about a new drink you launched, or ask them to describe something about your business in emojis.


An innovator, Dominos was the first to allow customers to a pizza simply by sending them the pizza emoji?! Fulfilling an order via emoji may be a challenge. However,  to ask customers to use particular emojis to get answers or more information is easy to replicate. If you are feeling hungry for pizza now, you can find out more about how to order a pizza with an emoji in the video.

Bud Light

Creating a picture using pictures … how cool is that? Given the ever-expanding emoji selection, there are countless possibilities.

World Wildlife Fund

While there’s no easy, affordable way to create your own emojis like the World Wildlife Fund did (yet!), it’s a great idea to ask people to use an emoji to donate.  Whether it’s money, knowledge, or joy, it is a great thing to inspire engagement with your followers.

There are so many cool emoji campaigns out there. Share some cool ways you see brands interacting with their customers via emoji. We would love to hear in the comments below.