How to Participate in National Nutrition Month


06 Feb How to Participate in National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition month is upon us.

This is exciting, y’all. We are going to talk about relevant and popular monthly topics that can apply throughout the year to many different business types.

Why is this important? As a media company, you have many opportunities to bring in new advertising revenue from clients you haven’t targeted before.

Not a media company? That’s OK, too. We are going to talk about things that apply to small businesses as well that you can leverage in your marketing efforts.

So let’s get started.

As a media company, your goal should always be generating new leads for ad dollars (or, for small businesses, more customers). At Content That Works, we like to do this best in the format of local native advertising. Tying your marketing message to a month-long event (like National Nutrition Month) makes it easy.

How could you do it? The way I like to describe it is as an opportunity for a company, such as a gym, for example, to share their knowledge in a way that’s helpful to readers in general and also puts them in a good light if the reader is looking for a gym. For instance, the native ad headline could be“5 Foods You Should Eat for a Great Post-Workout,” it could showcase the gym’s trainers’ full knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean readers have to use the information, but if they are looking for a gym to join they are probably more likely to consider the advertiser if the article helped them.

Below is a native ad we created for MUSC Hospital which would be a perfect fit for National Nutrition Month. Click to read more.


Why should I care about participating?

Big events like holidays and national months give you the opportunity for exposure to new customers for free. Well, nothing is truly free when you consider in the time it takes to produce your content, but as far as having to boost to reach new people or adding a popular hashtag such as #nationalnutritionmonth, it’s as free as exposure gets.

Thousands of people use these hashtags, so if your business or advertiser is relevant it’s an easy opportunity to reach new customers.

How else can I participate?

Something really cool that I discovered while researching this post is that actually posts a National Nutrition Month social media kit for people to use for free each year. How cool is that! The media kit includes GIFs, pictures and hashtag suggestions to make your business part of the conversation online. Check it out here.

OK, so it’s easy if you’re a food company, but what can I do?

I rummaged the internet’s social media feeds for examples from last year and, seriously, after many pages worth I still never got past the last day of the month’s event. However, even in that one day’s worth of posts I found some awesome examples of brands, small businesses and even media companies themselves doing promotion for National Nutrition Month.

Below are three of my favorite that I found on various platforms.

The orthodontist

Ahh, I love this one. How clever for an orthodontist to post during this month about smart snacking. We can see that the link goes to her blog, which talks about smart decisions for your teeth. Similar to a native ad, blogs can build rapport and trust with your readers and show potential customers that you know what you are talking about. Even without the blog, if this were linked to her office site, this post is so relevant to her business and the topic. Click picture to zoom in.


The media company

BabyFirstTV is a media company specializing in – you guessed it – baby programming. They had a variety of posts, including fun baby nutrition facts. I thought this one was very clever and sparked high engagement, including 55 comments.

They key thing they did here was ask for engagement, and they used the free book as leverage for that. This post is so unique because it is participating in a way that promotes their product (baby content) but in a relevant way because it is about fruit and veggies. How many moms are using the #nationanutritionmonth hashtag? I am betting a lot. Click picture to see closer.


The pet store

And last but certainly not least is one from PetSmart. Yes, our doggies and kitty friends need good nutrition to stay well, too!

This post was on Instagram and is a video (which if you can I highly recommend) of dogs basically going nuts to get some of the peanut butter sweet treat they are promoting. This is not only adorable but relevant, and it’s promotion in a way that you do not feel the product pushed upon you. If you click the picture you can watch the video. You’re welcome for your daily dose of cuteness.


 In conclusion

National Nutrition Month isn’t for everyone. Banks, you may want to wait until April for National Financial Month; which we will talk about next month. However, if you can find a relevant and clever way to integrate your promotional efforts as a small business, do it. As a media company, if you can make some extra revenue by doing promotional posts, native advertising or selling ad space in content (we have some suggestions below 😉) for businesses you have never done businesses with, then do it and share your efforts with us.

Some content we suggest for National Nutrition Month:


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What are some suggestions you have for National Nutrition Month? Share your ideas or efforts that worked for you below!

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