How to Make Native Ads Great

18 May How to Make Native Ads Great

An excerpt from It’s Not About Me! Glorious Me!, Native Advertising eBook by Paul Camp.

To maximize effectiveness, native advertising must be expressly created for your advertiser. Only then can the content be original and local, local, local — the holy grail of the search engines.

Creating the native content takes a lot of back-and-forth, give-and-take with your advertisers. After the sale is made the steps for creating a native ad are pretty basic:

  1. A creator must contact your local advertiser.
  2. During an initial interview your advertiser’s goals, topics and the keywords he/she thinks people search on to find them are agreed upon.
  3. The creator also must research on what keywords people actually use to search the advertiser’s category (often your advertisers don’t know).
  4. Create the native presentation, often including quotes from the client.
  5. Embed the same keywords across the series of native ads for the client (Content That Works suggest a minimum of three insertions per advertiser).
  6. Source at least one graphic for use as part of the native presentation.
  7. Find graphics for use in social media.
  8. Create suggested social media posts for you (the local media outlet).
  9. Create suggested social media posts for the advertiser.
  10. Create a schedule of when to post for the advertiser.
  11. Present the draft native ad to the advertisers for approval.
  12. Make any changes required by the client.
  13. Get final client approval of the native-ad and social strategy.
  14. Post the native to your site.

These 14 steps will be part of the process for any native ad, but slideshows, videos or out-of-the-box Grumpy Cat presentations can involve much more back and forth with your advertiser. Really good native advertising is a creative, time-intensive process.


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