How to juggle audience engagement

03 Oct How to juggle audience engagement

As brands, our dream is to have massive amounts of engagement from customers on our social media. Not all audience engagement will be good. However,engagement is a sign that the person cares enough and is passionate enough to actually take the time to write something to you. Getting someone to do this is more of a challenge than you would think. With the immense amount of content thrown at the consumer on a daily basis if someone chooses your content to engage with – high five! Clearly choosing to not engage with them isn’t the answer as can be read in my last post on what not to do when blogging.

If we are not engaging as marketers on social media why would people engage with us? Why would other brands want to work with us? By not engaging you are presenting yourself as a brand who does not know how to use social media. But your busy right, you have a million things to do than respond to these people, the posts there is enough right? No. If you are posting and not responding you are not seeing the value in social media which is having a conversation. It is what you want right? It’s why you posted a piece that inspires conversation so why do so many times brands ignore the interactions?

So how do you juggle this?

Have a checkup plan

Whether it is every hour, every two or every four during the work day, take 2 minutes to check all your social networks for comments or retweets. Then take that time to interact back. I actually have notifications set through the social networks that let me know when someone has engaged with my content in some way. If you are not a marketer but a small business owner that may still be too frequent.

Instead set a time once in the morning to check everything and then once again in the evening. Once I am off the clock I like to be as far from social media as possible for my own sanity of living in the real world,but I like to do a nightly check before I go to sleep just in case. Bottom line: as long as you get back within 24 hours you are doing better than most businesses out there.

Schedule what you can

This takes out the stress of writing it on the spot for that time or day. If you know national chocolate day is coming up and you are a bakery that is a post you can create and schedule in advance. I prefer to use Hootsuite but there are many options out there. Take one hour during your week to schedule out the next week’s posts. Obviously, not everything can be posted which gets me to my next point.

But not everything

Blog posts, current events, and curated content rely more on what is happening at that time. Blog posts could very well be written in advance and scheduled, however you never know what may happen in the category you write about within that time frame. If you like to stay current it may be best to not do this too far out. If you only post and schedule everything, you are not staying current and as engaged with what your audience is looking for in content.

Retweet content from other brands

Yes, this was mentioned in the other post but I am repeating it because it is important. Unless you have a whole new look at something if a brand has a great article on something don’t rewrite it, share it. Compliment that brand on a great article or point out something you agreed or didn’t agree with in it. If we as marketers stop engaging with each other there is a problem. It’s like facing each other across the table and not saying anything. It’s weird and not the purpose of social media.

As a consumer, I like when brands share content from other brands because it gives me a whole new reading experience. Most likely if its useful content I will retweet. That being said, if you sell almond butter I would not recommend reposting an article raving about your competitor’s almond butter. An article they posted about how almond butter ( in general) is healthy absolutely share that and engage with agreement! You are both in the same industry and want that same message (health benefits) to be spread across to the audience.

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