How to Honor Heroes during Military Appreciation Month

03 Apr How to Honor Heroes during Military Appreciation Month

May is National Military Appreciation Month. It is always kind to thank those who have served our country in whatever way we can. There are some types of businesses that this ties very well with; however, even those of us who don’t have any business correlation, there are many different ways that we can show our appreciation to our service men and women.

I could not find a social kit like the last two months, but if you would like to show support by putting a banner on your website you can get those here:

Specific promotions

Remember those businesses with a specific correlation? Any business that has a special program or military product has an opportunity to market these services and products in May. Stearns Lending did a great job last year informing veterans of the opportunities they have with a VA loan through multiple factual social posts. The framing store Church Hill Classics did this in a different way with a discount on military frames, which can be given as gifts to those who have served.

Create a themed product in appreciation

All you need is some red, white and blue, right? The food and beverage industry have a great advantage since they’re able to easily add these colors to their products. Think about what you could do to show your support and put part of the profits towards a nonprofit that helps those who have served.

Recognize your own

Do you have a veteran at work? Thank them for their service and have the company recognize him or her for their service on social media. (With the employee’s permission, of course!) This lets the community know the service they have done for their country, and also that you are a company who cares about their own.

A simple thank you

If none of the above apply to you and you still want to do something, just say thank you. There is nothing wrong with a simple thank you. This could be with a picture of a flag or homemade signs that you and your coworkers hold up.


As a media company, you have an opportunity to show support for those who served with special sections. We may be able to help. Currently we have 24-page special section focused on honoring our local heroes with three different cover choices, countless tips, personal stories and boundless opportunities for local communities to salute those that give so much. Preview our local heroes section to see how you can use your voice to support heroes in your community.

Every topic area covered in our Honoring Local Heroes magazine has national celebration days/weeks/months in May!

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 8-12

National Police Week: May 15-21

National Military Appreciation Month: All of May

International Firefighters’ Day: May 4

National EMS Week: May 21-27

Memorial Day: May 29