How Helping Kids, Teachers & Parents Pays

17 Dec How Helping Kids, Teachers & Parents Pays

Just last week thousands of people — young and old, black, white, Asian and Hispanic, rich and poor — poured into the streets to protest discrimination in America.

Lets get real. Literate, well-educated kids don’t end up selling cigarettes for a buck on a street corner in their 40s.

Reading has always been the pathway out of poverty.

People who can’t read don’t buy newspapers or read them online. They can’t really earn enough to support the advertisers on radio or television either.

Yet hundreds of newspapers, plus most radio and television stations do little or nothing to support children, teachers and young parents in their communities.

bio-vicki-whitingWhen I first met Vicki Whiting in the 1990s shortly after she launched Kid Scoop Weekly for Newspapers In Education programs I was impressed with her energy and enthusiasm as much as I was by her product. Today  Vicki is my hero. I believe Kid Scoop is the best and brightest interactive educational package available.

Kids love it. Teachers need it. Parents use it to help their kids learn and develop.

I was excited a decade later when Vicki asked if we might represent her fledgling Kid Scoop News monthly magazine. Today CTW announces an even closer relationship with Kid Scoop. CTW will now represent all of the Kid Scoop line, including the Spanish language page and a new website. Dan Dalton, executive vice president of Content That Works will direct our join sales and marketing efforts. CTW also will provide administrative support to Kid Scoop so Vicki and her team can focus on creating great content for children.

Kid Scoop is no loss leader for media companies either. Vicki can show you how to dip into new budget buckets to find sponsorship funding so you will make money from Kid Scoop. She speaks from first hand knowledge because she publishes a Kid Scoop of her own in Sonoma, CA.

Every newspaper, radio station or television outlet in America must do more to help children, teachers and young parents.

Their future is your future.

So just do it. Use Kid Scoop. Do something yourself. Find another product you think equals Kid Scoop.

Literacy is the only solution. Media have an obligation to help.


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