Why holiday content is important to your community

24 Jul Why holiday content is important to your community

It might only be July, but we’re in full holiday mode here in the office! Today, we started planning our first of four holiday magazines: Holiday Entertaining and Decorating.

As we went around the table discussing our personal traditions and new trends, I felt a tingle of holiday spirit and a distinct craving for peppermint hot chocolate (which is especially crazy since it’s 90-plus degrees out!).

This reminiscing and sharing also made me think about why holiday content is so important. It allows us to remember long-held traditions while also finding inspiration to create new ones. It brings out warm and fuzzy feelings. Most of all, it reminds us to give back.

Do you feel constantly bombarded by ads during the holiday season? Instead of selling, selling, selling, let’s give the consumer something this year. Content gives consumers ideas and works as a perfect space for those advertisers to fit in with the idea they are reading about.

For example, rather than sending a one off direct mail ad of your holiday craft sale, why not put it next to crafting content? By placing an ad for craft supplies next to a fun Christmas craft, it’s a gentle reminder of where the consumer can get the necessary supplies as opposed to an in-your-face sale. The consumer is going to see the store as the solution to their problem of needing these supplies, rather than a hard sell. This will also create a more positive impression towards the advertiser.

Make your community happy, your advertisers delighted, and your company some extra revenue with holiday content.

So, keeping it short and sweet this week, look out for holiday facts on our social sites in the coming weeks and enjoy the end of summer!


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