Great Native Advertising: Real Estate You Need To Own

27 Feb Great Native Advertising: Real Estate You Need To Own

I just finished reading an article and viewing a slide show. They were terrific.

Both were produced on behalf of a local Realtor in Colorado by our new division, Native Advertising That Works. 471590973

When I told Town News’ Marc Wilson that many of the conversations we had at the recently concluded Mega-Conference were about native advertising, he greeted me with a look that I took to be an amalgam of skepticism and concern. Marc has written that native ads are a “slippery slope.”

To me forming a division to produce local native advertising for our clients was a no-brainer.

Content That Works strives to create great content.

Content That Works partners with local media to develop smart, effective, profitable content strategies.

Therefore, if the native advertising we create for your advertisers is great, helps them make money and helps you make money… it fulfills the CTW mission.

Yes, there are pitfalls to native advertising and sponsored content. We have a white paper to help you avoid them free for the asking.

However, well-executed native advertising will help local advertisers compete with their big box rivals online. It will help them and you make money. Properly labeled it will in no way mislead your readers/site visitors or undermine your integrity.

In short, native advertising done right is good for all concerned. This is real estate local media need to own.

Case closed.

P.S. The native ad piece mentioned above has not yet been posted by our client. When it is we will share the link here.