How to grab customers’ attention with your holiday content

13 Nov How to grab customers’ attention with your holiday content

November is here, which means we have officially entered the holiday season. Retailers are decorating their shops with tinsel and wreaths, and businesses everywhere are rolling out their holiday content through all media platforms. With so many holiday messages floating around, how can you make sure you’re grabbing customers’ attention? Prioritize the following points to make sure your holiday content is making a strong impression:[/vc_column_text]


Meaningful messaging

‘Tis the season for meaningful messaging! The holidays inspire feelings of comfort and giving. Your audience wants to feel a genuine sense of holiday spirit while reading your content. This is the time to tap into why you do what you do, and share that authenticity with your customers. For example, a catering company may want to share advice on how to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal, including original recipes and food preparation tips. This would be genuine content for a catering business, and it also communicate the business’ desire to help their social media audience and customers create a wonderful meal for loved ones during the holidays. This is content that will resonate.

Holiday messaging should never be forced. It should come from the heart of your brand and reach the values of your target audience – help them feel the honest intentions of your business. Your authentic message will continue to grab the attention of your consumers – sharing content that comes directly from the heart. Sharing the values your company was built on and the ways you gives back to the community throughout the year reveals the foundation of your brand.

Effective storytelling

Share a story that will truly connect with your customers. Consumers want something to which they can relate and find inspiration. When your brand is sharing a story that inspires, you are making a lasting impression in the customer’s mind that will remain long after the holidays are over.

In our Holiday Give Back Guide, you’ll find several articles containing real-life stories that share how to give back during the holiday season. Our writers profiled real families and the myriad ways they give back to their communities through donations, gift exchanges, and volunteer opportunities. These stories are perfect for communities that are home to businesses looking to support the gift of giving back, providing inspiration and specific examples of how you can get involved with a good cause.

Appropriate timing

Timing is essential to developing a resonating holiday content plan. There is a fine line between bombarding your customers too early in the year with holiday content and making sure they get message early enough to take advantage of it. It’s also important not to overwhelm them with too much information. Carefully roll out your content so the message is received early enough, and will continue to make an impression as the campaign moves forward.

The goal here is to make sure your content schedule is timed perfectly, so that the message continues to catch your customer’s attention throughout the season. Map out a plan that releases content relevant to each holiday spanning through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and Hanukah – and don’t forget to plan content for the fun, random holidays like National Gingerbread House Day (December 12) and National Cocoa Day (December 13).

Tips to consider while mapping out the perfect holiday content schedule:

  • Start early. When it comes to the holidays, it’s never too early to begin distributing your content to customers. Give yourself enough time to optimize your holiday content effectively so that it’s making an impression on your target audience.
  • Experiment with your content. For example, if you are running several pieces of Black Friday content, take a look back on which ones performed the best. This way you will know where to allocate your budget for bigger promotions throughout the season.
  • Create a sense of urgency. As soon as Halloween is over and we roll into November, it’s crunch time for shoppers. Holiday shopping time is finite, and your customers need to be reminded of that with your content.

The main component of attention-grabbing holiday content is understanding your customers and what matters to them. Share content that is authentic to your brand and product, because during such a warm and emotional season, connecting to consumers when it matters will resonate with them far more than bombarding them with meaningless content.