Good News: Brick & Mortar Wins. Will You?

11 Jun Good News: Brick & Mortar Wins. Will You?

The likes of Google and Groupon, Facebook and Twitter, AutoTrader and Ebay Cars… plus many, many more have a clear focus on the Holy Grail of owning local commerce and advertising — with good reason.

Local commerce in the U.S. is estimated to total somewhere in excess of $3 trillion dollars annually. That’s a lot of money!

In the last decade, pure internet players have made significant inroads in local e-commerce. Even so, about 75 percent of all commerce remains local. Yelp’s Mike Ghaffary offers a great analysis of why brick and mortar wins.

All of this is great news for you. Retailers and service companies on Main Street are not going away. Neither will their advertising – if you act immediately to create the proper environments for groups of local special interest advertisers.

How urgently should you act?

Let’s put it this way. Have you ever placed an ad on Facebook? If not, go do it now.

Seriously, stop reading. Go place an ad on Facebook. I’ll wait for you.

Back so soon? How easy was that?!

In a few minutes and for a few bucks, anyone can create a nice-looking, credible, highly-targeted ad on Facebook. If your advertisers have not asked, “Why do I need you when I can use Facebook instead?” They will soon.

Scary fact: Facebook believes it captures 28% of ALL display advertising online!

More on that tomorrow and what you need to do about it.