Good intentions gone awry

Customer Service

23 Dec Good intentions gone awry

I felt pretty good yesterday. Then Walgreens called.

A sincere young woman called to say she wanted to tell me about some free services I might be interested in.

“You can get no-lock caps if you are having trouble with arthritis in your hands,” the earnest young woman explained, “and we can print out your labels in large type if you want us too.”

Walgreens uses the birthdates of customers as a form of identification. Apparently they looked at mine and decided I was well beyond my prime.

It was a hilarious example of customer service gone wrong. I don’t have arthritis. My vision, admittedly with corrective lenses, is 20/20. I take no medications that would indicate I have trouble opening bottles or reading the labels.

After this presumably well-meaning outreach I felt old. I also starting thinking about finding a new pharmacy.

This is a cautionary tale for local media. In general our readers, viewers and listeners tend to be older. Beware treating them as if they are old.

Apparently I am now an official member of the over the hill club — at least in Walgreen’s eyes. As such I speak with authority when I say I want to stay as young as possible for as long as possible.

So don’t make me feel old. Do help me keep up with the world around me so I can feel young no matter what Walgreens says.


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