Don’t Let Mobile Screens Obscure Your Big Picture

10 Feb Don’t Let Mobile Screens Obscure Your Big Picture

There are many who would lead you to believe that mobile is where it’s at — the only place it’s at.

Of course, most of the folks saying this are promoting some sort of mobile product or service you can buy.

Don’t get me wrong. We totally agree that mobile is important now and will become more important in the future. However, it is a mistake to focus all of your time and money on a mobile strategy. The big(ger) screen still matters according to a new study from Millward Brown:

Unsurprisingly, consumer tolerance for tasks on smartphones falls off sharply after a 5 minute threshold. 81% of consumers prefer to complete 5 minute tasks via smartphone. That number drops to 43% for tasks that take between 10-20 minutes…

Consumers still rely heavily on the laptop/PC for shopping across categories. Millennials are the first generation to push the envelop on mobile shopping, but still reach for their laptops for some categories depending on the amount of time needed and the importance of the task. This has implications to marketers – before you put all of your eggs in the mobile basket, consider how your consumers engage with your category and optimize accordingly.

While Millennials use mobile first more often than other groups, 31% said they had used a desktop/laptop to shop online in the last week, vs. 23% on mobile and 15% on tablets. Millennials overwhelmingly prefer shopping on the big screen for three categories: financial services, consumer electronics and consumer packaged goods.

Mobile is important, but forget the desktop/laptop at your own risk.




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