Don't Let 'Gunk' Build Up — Words To Lead By

18 Nov Don't Let 'Gunk' Build Up — Words To Lead By

Bob Pittman, chairman and chief executive of Clear Channel Communications made this observation in yesterday’s New York Times:

“I think if you get it right 50 percent of the time, you’re close to a genius. So you’ve got to be prepared to be wrong many times or most of the time. You need to have a bias toward very quick decision-making. If you make the wrong move, then quickly change it until you get it right. Whatever you’re going to do, do it quicker. If we can double up on time, we can do twice as much. Things don’t have to be perfect.”

Pittman goes on to talk about something I have written about before: the importance of weeding the garden. If you try 10 new things, two may be clear winners, two may be dogs that won’t hunt and everything that falls in between is “gunk.”

According to Pittman, letting the gunk build up consigns your organization to mediocrity. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new as long as you’re willing to drop the projects with mediocre results when the time comes – after all, “nobody’s keeping score.”