Don't Dress Native Ads In Banner Ad Clothing

11 Nov Don't Dress Native Ads In Banner Ad Clothing

After a full week of writing about native advertising, I thought I was done with it for a while, but this post from NewsCred came to my attention today and is worthwhile read. First and foremost writer, Jane Wakefield, makes the point that the content must be truly useful and authentic in order to work:

The days of banner ads are coming to an end, and native advertising is quickly stepping in to fill the void. It’s a go-to method for marketing that, when done right, provides great content to consumers and increases brand engagement. But when it goes wrong, it can go really wrong. The biggest challenges in creating a native ad are being authentic to your brand, being authentic to the publication and their audience, and presenting truly useful information that doesn’t feel like a bait and switch.135520301

We couldn’t agree more. Native advertising should be a gift to the reader of content that is truthful, useful, fun, entertaining and more.

Toward the end of her post Wakefield also makes the point that native advertising should not be conceived like banner advertising.

Get It Straight: Banner Ads Are Not Native Ads  

The path to native ad acceptance amongst consumers begins with brands. Marketers need to realize that a native ad is unique and stands apart from a banner ad. “A lot of issues in the marketplace revolve around brands who repackage a display ad and don’t think about what a truly native experience for a user of a site would be,” says Kalin (Jason Kalin, SVP Business Development at Nativo).

Again nail hit squarely. It is well established that banner advertising does not get outsized results. That’s one of the reasons native advertising had to be invented. So trying to create a hard sell native ad or shoehorn native into an ineffective, obsolete banner ad format is insane. Unfortunately it is insanity that is remarkably in the marketplace.