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06 Jul Do you love me? Click here…

Everyone wants to be loved.

The majority of marketers (56 percent) measure the effectiveness of native advertising/sponsored content by the click-through rate. Why? Because clicks are really easy to track and understand.

The other common measure is how many Facebook “likes” and “loves” the content generates. Unfortunately, while clicks and likes may massage egos, they don’t provide a true measure of content effectiveness.

What matters more is engagement. How deeply are potential customers engaged? What happens once they engage? Do they share willingly the content?

Deeper metrics, which explore engagement and retention, will paint a much better picture of how real the audience is and help you to capture a more accurate ROI, according to Analytics Software provider, gShift. Creating a report based on deeper metrics will help you to identify the true performance of your content and enable your team to make smarter, more informed decisions on strategy moving forward.

People want proof that their content is working.

Sometimes you get lucky. Properly executed sponsored content — original, local, engaging and constructed around proper key words — can put your advertiser on the first page of search a few days after posting.

Unfortunately, you can’t count on that happening. Instead you need a consistent way to prove ROI that goes beyond clicks, likes and the other “vanity” metrics.

For a more consistent measurement of engagement look at the following:

  • Time of engagement
  • Comments (a sign of true engagement)
  • Shares (not only a sign of engagement but an expansion of exposure)
  • Content by engagement (which pieces of content over a campaign get the most engagement)

According to the Pew Research Center, people using mobile devices (the source of more than 60 percent of your digital traffic) spend an average of 123 seconds reading long-form articles and 57 seconds engaged with short-form articles.

High quality storytelling with graphics that engage readers should deliver times of engagement of three, four, even five minutes or more. If your sponsored content is (delete) doesn’t exceed two minutes you need to reboot.

Research shows one native ad is next to useless, 11 insertions is optimum. By delivering a report that shows how well their content is engaging prospective customers you not only impress your advertisers, but also have the key to sustaining sponsored content campaigns.

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