Do You Have the Fight In You?

29 Jul Do You Have the Fight In You?

Facebook share prices bumped up last week due to better-than-expected sales – but it was this paragraph written by Evelin M. Rusli in the Wall Street Journal that caught my eye:

“Much of Facebook’s growth in the quarter came from its local efforts. The social network surpassed 1 million active advertisers, propelled by gains in local business advertising. The emphasis on local indicates that Facebook’s sales force is ramping up efforts to woo small businesses, which will be critical, as it tries to position its mobile application as a go-to service to find local businesses.”

How is it they are often more successful at selling local online ads than we are?

Facebook is a tool that can help you connect with your customers in new ways. Increasingly, Facebook also is a competitor.

If you don’t have a strategy to compete against Facebook and harness the power of Facebook to further your objectives, it is probably time to develop one. Facebook, Google, theknot, Groupon, Yahoo!, AOL Patches… all are gunning for your advertisers.

Local media executives, assume your fighting stance!