Digital Platforms

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Desktop and Mobile Digital platforms that are designed to drive revenue.

Featuring daily updated content and multiple advertising units!

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Why Digital Platforms?

  • Content updated daily to your site through our system.
  • Ability to house user generated content for your community to post and interact with.
  • Social media integration.
  • Multiple ad positions and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Vendor directory with multiple levels. Allowing your site visitors with a comprehensive listing of local professionals.



Mobile-optimized versions of each and every platform!

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Our platforms allow you to host a content filled site without ever having to feed in or write content!

Therefore, content is branded with your logo and custom URL making it unique to you. From there, readers can add their own content to your site. Especially relevant, announcements such as local engagements are posted by the user on your site. Because it allows the user to write and upload their own story.  However, there are monitoring functions so you can control this option. As a result, you keep your page clean. Most noteworthy you can create an ad system to make revenue from the site with advertisers. Seems like a win-win right? Finally, help with questions during setup or errors later is why we are here. While you take care of your business we help take care of your special interests.  Rather than manage yourself let us help. In conclusion, take the leap today into digital with Content That Works!