Crowd Sourcing Solution To Ad Slump

05 Jun Crowd Sourcing Solution To Ad Slump

Yesterday a Media Post story, U.S. Ad Rev Forecast To Hit $247 Billion By 2018, reported on a study from PwC (the auditing and research firm formerly known as Price Waterhouse Coopers). The research projects TV/video online advertising spending will more than double and U.S. advertising spending in general will grow at a compound rate of 3.7 percent over the next four years. That’s the good news.

Sadly the study also predicts that newspaper advertising will decline 5.8% over the same period.

490653841Enough is enough.

Yesterday we launched the Wonder & Joy Project to crowd source a solution to sagging sales. By tapping into the collective wisdom, best practices and new ideas of industry leaders we hope to reverse local ad revenue declines. Our goal it to make this year’s holiday season the best ever for local media companies and a launch pad for future ad growth.

Please join in the conversation. Add your ideas, suggestions and comments to our Facebook event Wonder & Joy. Or email your comments to me, so I can share your ideas.

Together we can make a difference! Share your experience, wisdom and creativity with your colleagues and we will reverse the trends.

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