How to Create a Rock Star 2018 Content Plan

27 Nov How to Create a Rock Star 2018 Content Plan

The build-up to the holiday season is a hectic time filled with end-of-year planning, office parties and sharing good tidings with your clients. But that post-holiday lull can be the perfect time to plan content for the next year.

Here are five factors to keep in mind when creating a rock star 2018 content plan:

Is it timely?

You want to capitalize on your content at the perfect time. Research and understand when you want to publish your content, and also plan for enough time to sell around your content. Some companies, like ours, do the research for you and release content in the perfect timeframe to meet both goals. For example, December is peak engagement season, making January the ideal time to release a bridal magazine for newly engaged brides-to-be.

Consider what content you want to use in 2018 and then plan the right dates to release each piece.

As you’re filling out your calendar, don’t forget about anniversaries! Find out which anniversaries are coming up in your area, from national holidays and quirky dates (National Doughnut Day, anyone?), to hometown business centennials and local historic events.


Maximize each time frame

Get the most out of your content by planning ahead to release it at the opportune time. Following the engagement example, we know that January is a great time for a bridal style magazine since the first step in most weddings is finding the perfect dress. However, spreading this content out through February on other platforms such as social media, also hits another big engagement date: Valentine’s Day. Using this content across print, digital, and social outlets maximizes your content and reach.


Reach different audiences

When selecting which content you should publish, think of your different audience segments and how you can reach all of them at least once a year. Choose content that speaks to your soccer moms, seniors, students, and brides-to-be. Providing engaging content for multiple audiences opens up your lead generation opportunities, as well as your advertiser pool.


Think of your market

Pick content that not only relates to your city or town, but also speaks to many advertisers who want to be near your content. Find content that bolsters your revenue streams and helps you achieve your goals.

In our hometown Charleston, South Caroline, the housing marketing is booming, wedding business is taking off and tourism is king. What types of content would I consider adding to content calendar to target these industries in my market?

  • Brides style guide 2018
  • First time homebuyers guide
  • Spring home improvement
  • First time parents’ guide
  • Summer family fun guide
  • Bridal planner
  • HomeStyle: kitchen and bath
  • Holiday entertaining and decorating
  • Holiday family fun guide


How would these products translate to your town? What other markets do you want to capitalize on in 2018?


With some thoughtful planning in 2017, you are bound to look like a rock star with a New Year content plan designed to captivate your fans and secure major revenue in 2018.


Interested in our content? View our 2018 content calendar or give us a call to help find the right content for your market.