How a coupon column can help your newspaper


20 Feb How a coupon column can help your newspaper

This week we talked to Super-Couponing expert Jill Cataldo about how coupons can help newspapers.

What is Super-Couponing?

Super-Couponing is a 650+ word weekly column written by nationally-syndicated consumer coupon expert Jill Cataldo.  Since 2008, Jill has been advising over 20 million readers each week how to save money on everything from groceries to home expenses to travel.  Jill’s factual, easy-to-understand methods have helped shoppers cut their grocery bills to the tune of hundreds of dollars each year.

Jill loves helping others live well on less and tackles topics of interest to anyone who wants to stretch their dollars as much as possible. In addition to teaching shoppers how to use coupons in conjunction with stores’ sales cycles to save the largest possible amount of money, Jill also tackles topics like saving for college, cutting your household’s cable bill, and tips and tricks for saving on travel.

Why are coupons important to newspapers?

In a world where everything seems to be going digital, Jill is a vocal advocate of newspapers. Particularly with regards to the coupons within.The types and values of coupons offered in the newspaper inserts are consistently higher-value and more plentiful than their digital counterparts. Jill isn’t shy about telling her readers so. Coupons that appear in the newspaper also account for the majority of coupons issued by manufacturers.

According to Inmar, 90.1% of all coupons issued in 2016 appeared in free-standing newspaper inserts.

In order to save the most money at the supermarket, Jill regularly advises readers their best grocery coupons continue to come in the Sunday paper.

In fact, coupon enthusiasts are a desirable segment of your audience that you may wish to cater more to. Many of them purchase or subscribe to multiple copies of the newspaper each week, opening opportunities for multiple-copy subscription options.

Who uses them?

According to Nielsen, coupon enthusiasts are value-driven consumers who account for nearly 20% of all unit purchases. This is music to your retailer partners’ ears. Coupon enthusiasts make nearly two times as many shopping trips to the store versus non-enthusiasts. In fact,41% of these households make more than $70,000 per year.

Nielsen notes manufacturers and retailers would do well to target [coupon] enthusiasts: their shopping behaviors and demographics make them extremely appealing.

If your newspaper offers coupon inserts, help your readers use them to their fullest potential by offering Jill Cataldo’s “Super-Couponing Tips” column on the same day the coupons appear in your paper.

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