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Evaluating your Content

There is a massive amount of content online these days, but what works and what doesn’t? Content is the firm foundation of a brand or a story, but how do you use it to add value?

In the first few sentences, most people decide if they want to continue reading or not. If you don’t engage your audience, they become unmotivated about pursuing your content, temporarily and in the future.

The goal is to scale the quality of your content. So how do you know if it’s working or not?


Good content flows like acting

A talented actor is good at what they do when you forget they’re acting, and start believing the story is true. Good content is similar in a different context. You forget you’re reading, and because it’s interesting and flows well. Ideally, it is easy to follow and uses clarity to articulate strong value-added points.

Similar to acting, it’s about the story being communicated. What engages people is how well it is articulated. A good idea effectively explained always works well; delivery is what makes it successful. But what was gained is the root of the reason your content is valuable.

There is a fine balance between giving valuable content, and articulating it in a way that is easy to engage with that makes it a good experience. Content that has a good flow clearly articulates an idea or how to do something that will add value.

Good content, like talented acting, engages and pulls the audience in, and keeps them connected throughout the length of the story.

When something is effortless to read, it delivers what content is supposed to achieve; easy access to valuable material. The goal is for the reader to breeze through it with natural ease, while also gaining valuable insights.


Why it’s Not Working

Bad content is like a pushy salesman that leaves the reader wondering why they wasted their time. Both the value of the content is poor, as well as the articulation. Audiences quickly judge the quality of content and determine if it adds value or is irrelevant. Poor quality content claims to add value but doesn’t deliver, similar to the pushy salesman.

The real value comes from connecting with your audience through an effective strategy with relevant resources to help them achieve a goal. Quality content is an easy guide through a problem that adds value or a solution.


The Value of Good Content

Determining the core of faulty content is the start of the process. Finding problems can boost your content game. Putting in the effort to introduce good content adds value to your brand and your customers. The result will be more engaging, coherent and persuasive content that your audience will follow and come back to. Good content can turn inquisitive, passive readers into active, engaged customers.



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