Content Remains King: In Print, Online, On Air

31 Jul Content Remains King: In Print, Online, On Air

I came across this article that keys on comments by Cyril Pereira, co-chair of the Asian Publishing Convention, at their annual event held this month. Although about publishing in Asia the article illustrates the fact that our challenges are universal.

In addition to Pereira urging attendees to “stay true to themselves,” two other comments are worth calling out:

  • …magazines are able to hold on to their subscribers. “Mainly magazines are special interest, the audience is always there,” Pereira said.
  • “As long as you stay true to your content, mission, and your personality, you can be the same brand on digital that was on print and will be on Google Glass in the future,” Pereira said.

We started Content That Works on the premise that niche content consistently attracts special interest audiences — whether in print or online —  who are more valuable customers than the run of the mill Joes and Janes who visit your home page. Our experience with Brides 365™ convinces us that this is even more true today than it was when we started 12 years ago.

We also believe original content remains king, provided that content is true to your mission.

My skin crawls when someone calls what CTW does “canned content.”

CTW content is all original and compares favorably to the best national magazines and websites that serve the topical areas we cover.

This is important to you. Why?

The worst thing that can happen to your sales folks today is to walk into the car dealership or retailer with a fresh copy of your auto section or health page  and have the customer say: “that’s not right. Those aren’t  the right products, trends or what people are interested in.”

That undermines the confidence of your customer in you. More importantly it undermines the credibility of your sales folks to their customers. This is a clear example of content that is not true to your mission.

CTW hires reporters and editors who are experts in their fields of concentration. Their insights, knowledge and experience make you and your team look good — to readers and to advertisers.

We know you have lots of sources of content out there today, some free, some cheaper than ours, but none that’s more reliable, better designed or more original.

Bargain basement content grabbed out of the bulk bin may fool some of the people some of the time, but in the long run they realize you are not being authentic and true to yourself.

Your reputation is all you have.

The question is how much is your reputation worth to you?