Content Marketing is Content That Works

Content Marketing

10 Jul Content Marketing is Content That Works

Content Marketing is simply content that works. It is well-written, informative content that offers useful insights relevant to your brand. Content Marketing is a valuable business tool to inspire and engage your audience.  It can be applied to both written and visual mediums (photo and video) including: blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, social media, infographics and print materials.  Lets dig deeper into how Content Marketing can lead you to achieve your sales goals:

What Does Content Marketing Do?

·        Enhances your brand message and keeps your company top of mind.

·        Builds brand recognition, reputation, engagement, authority and loyalty.

·        Adds value to your product and services.

·        Attracts an audience that will result in qualified leads and a profitable customer action.

·        Drives organic SEO results and Google rankings.

Why Does Content Marketing Work?

·        Content marketing gently guides the consumer to learn more about your brand without serving them an ad, which can be viewed as unsolicited.

·        Engagement with content builds consumer comfort and trust, and generates qualified leads.

·        It guides a positive user experience, which promotes brand loyalty and referrals.

How Is Content Marketing Implemented?

Following a needs assessment, a Content Marketing Strategy customized to your company’s needs is created. Once a strategy is in place, our experienced team of editors and writers work closely with every client to create powerful content that will allow your brand to shine and set you apart from competitors while organically increasing your search results. Not sure if your website is SEO friendly? Not a problem, we can get you set up.

What Does A Content Marketing Strategy Look Like?

Sample Company: A Piece Of Cake ~ Smithville’s Best Wedding Cake Baker ~

Content Marketing Strategy:

·        1 blog post per week on timely topics relevant to your brand (52 annually)

·        2 social posts per week for Facebook and Instagram to drive engagement and link back to your website (104 annually)

·        Monthly Newsletter to introduce your audience to valuable upcoming events, new products, and seasonal campaigns (12 annually)

·        4 Brand Videos (4 annually/seasonal)

·        2 Photo Shoots (2 annually)

Breakdown: What makes up each piece of content?

June Blog Topics

·        Week 1 – 5 Inspired Cake Flavors for Summer Soirees

·        Week 2 – Show-Stopping Cocktails that Pair Perfectly with Dessert

·        Week 3 – Tips for Creating a Picture Perfect Cupcake Display

·        Week 4 – Our Favorite Fourth of July Flavors

June Social Posts 

·        Week 1 – Post 1 – Feature Weekly Blog on Cupcakes (link & image)

·        Post 2 – Image paired with informative post or recipe (Boost this campaign for added reach)

Newsletters/Email Campaigns – 

·        June Newsletter – Sweet Summer Vibes – It’s summer and we are dreaming about fancy cake combos, featured drinks, and 4th of July vibes!

More Topics

·        What’s New with A Piece of Cake

·        Around Town

·        Feature blogs (excerpts with clickable links to open in a separate window to read more)

·        CTA = Lead gen capture form (sign up to find out our featured flavors of the month)

Brand Video – Showcase your awesome team, talent, products and services. Quarterly videos have high engagement and drive significant traffic. On social media, video generates 1,200 percent more shares than images and text, according to Brightcove.

Photo Shoots – Pair branded content with great pictures. We plan, design and produce photo shoots that will achieve a cohesive brand image and provide original visuals to accompany the content that will fill your website, blog and social channels.

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free website and social media audit.

We can walk you through why you may not be having success with your online strategies. We look forward to chatting with you about your companies needs and sales goals and providing you with solutions that will increase your bottom line.