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What would you be able to do without Google? And what would google be without content?

Google is the holy grail of the digital world and is the starting place and the origin of most things found on the internet. But what is backing google? The answer is good content. Without content, google wouldn’t be able to do what it does. Content is king when it comes to SEO, and finding things. Content is important but how that content is used is just as important.

Google loves original and local content. 

When doing a Google search, your ability to get more leverage is in finding originality. Think about it, if there are 20 websites that all say the same thing, and your searching for just one, Google will give you all 20 websites, but then you have to organically search through each website to find what you’re looking for. Original content is much easier for Google to find you because you’re the only one, with that content.

Good Content just keeps giving. 

A website’s value isn’t in the delicately chosen color palette or the placement of the elements. It’s in what the content is giving you, and how easy it is to find the solutions to the problems you’re trying to solve. The bottom line is that content is the core of brand value, and how well you articulate and use that content.

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