Communication: The Secret to Success — Test Yourself on These 9 Traits

04 Oct Communication: The Secret to Success — Test Yourself on These 9 Traits

165519629I like to think of myself as a good communicator.

Then something happens to dash that illusion and remind me how lousy I am at it!

It was after just such an epiphany that Nine Ways To Be A More Powerful Communicator by Forbes contributor August Turak came to my attention. Mind you, my problem is not being more powerful, but simply becoming halfway decent at communicating.

Communication is the secret to success in business, marriage…  heck, life. So I eagerly read this article seeking insights.

Afterward I decided to test my skills by listing the nine traits of powerful communication from this article and grading myself on a scale of one to nine for each skill — one being terrible, nine being pretty danged good. Here are the traits, but it helps to read the article to understand precisely what the writer means for some:

  • Great communicators set expectations.
  • Great communicators are professionals.
  • Great communicators never leave people hanging.
  • Great communicators seize the initiative.
  • Great communicators never make people ask.
  • Great communicators are proactive.
  • Great communicators abhor ambiguity.
  • Great communicators like to write.
  • Great communicators share.

I will not disclose my score on each individual trait, but will tell you that out of a total possible high score of 81, I eked out a not-so-robust score of 45. It could have been worse, of course, but it shows I am fooling myself if I think I am good at communication.

Try the test yourself. Here’s hoping you score better than I did.