Classified Weekly Content

Classified weekly content can help your newspaper! Revive your classified section. First, explore our weekly content topics. Therefore, you can find which topic will fit your market best. However, multiple topics may work for your market. Because of this, we recommend doing multiple topics so you increase revenue across categories. Such as jobs, real estate and home and garden. Finally, talk to an expert today. In other words, pick up the phone and call us today!

Classifieds once represented as much as 50%-70% of total ad revenue for papers. 

(Editor & Publisher, 2009)

classified weekly content

How can weeklies help?

  • Requires no additional editorial resources.
  • Saves you money.
  • Increases the sponsor’s opinion leadership position within the community.
  • Places quality content next to relevant ads.
  • Social sharing (digital).  


What is in it?

  • Timely content
  • Large images
  • Modern colors and design
  • Occasional infographics 
  • Ad sponsorship 

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