Chainsaws Tend To Get Your Attention

21 Apr Chainsaws Tend To Get Your Attention

My friend Jerry from across the street tried to enlist my son’s support by complaining about how my wife and I spend all of our weekend time working. “Whenever they come over here they just work and work,” he yelled over the din. “That’s all they do. They never just relax. They must go to work on Monday tired as hell!”

An ancient chainsaw roared in my hands at the time. It was Saturday and the three of us were wrestling with a tree that needed to be removed from the yard at our get-away home in Michigan. My wife raked and pruned 50 feet away.

It is Monday. I am tired. Body parts hurt.483391233

As I explained to my friend, “It’s a different sort of work.”

Every day at CTW I work hard, but that work mostly takes place in my head. Heck I can forget I even have a body.

Chainsaws have a way of getting your full attention. If you don’t use your body you could very well lose a part of it.

Caring for a more than 100 year old home can be demanding, physical work. Your body is integral to the action, not an afterthought. Little-used muscles often scream for days afterward. It is the precise antithesis of what I do during the week.

Done right the tree is gone at the end of the day. Nobody gets hurt. The results are measureable and very satisfying.

I have taken to scheduling “chainsaw” moments into my day. Mid morning and again mid afternoon an alarm goes off. I do a few physical exercises to remind myself that I actually have a body. Then I refocus on an activity that will produce measureable results by the end of the day.

Try creating your own chainsaw moments at work. You may be surprised at how connecting with your body, not just using your mind, increases productivity.

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