Caregivers: America’s Unsung Heroes

11 Feb Caregivers: America’s Unsung Heroes

I have spent a lot of time around health care providers during the last couple of weeks for a variety of reasons, none having to do with my own health.

The experience has convinced me that caregivers are America’s unsung heroes.

According to the National Center on Caregiving, in 2012 there were 65.7 caregivers in America. That’s nearly 30% of the total population. This number includes both formal, paid professional caregivers and non-paid informal caregivers.

Among formal caregivers many work at minimum wage. Many more work less than a full time schedule so they do not receive benefits.

The current US minimum wage of $7.25 an hour means that fulltime formal caregivers earn about $15,000 a year. Have you tried living on $15,000 a year latterly?

Yet, almost everyone I have met has been positive, pleasant and upbeat. That’s why I say these are America’s unsung heroes. Thank God for them if you or your loved one gets sick or is disabled in some way.

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