Better Content Gets Better Results

10 May Better Content Gets Better Results

The National Association of Press Agencies, an association of freelance writers based in the U.K., reported that European newspapers pay about £25 for online stories. In U.S. dollars, that’s about $38.91 per article at current exchange rates.

“They are using 21st century technology but paying 19th century wages,” complained NAPA chairman, Matthew Bell.

No similar study seems to exist for this country, but I just talked to a writer who would kill to get similar rates for her online work. She often nets less than $25 per story. “At these rates I’m going to have to live in my car,” she said.

All of this seems odd in a world that proclaims digital is first and aspires to be digital only.

You still get what you pay for, or in this case what you don’t pay for.

If online and mobile are the future, then we must get serious about paying a fair price for content presented on digital platforms.