Baynote survey predicts 11% increase in 2013 holiday spending

06 Aug Baynote survey predicts 11% increase in 2013 holiday spending

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this survey (or the accompanying info graphic). Here’s what the news release says:

“Baynote, a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions, today revealed the results from its inaugural 2013 Holiday Predictions Survey. The survey, conducted in partnership with the e-tailing group, found that retailers are cautiously optimistic, with 60% forecasting growth in excess of 10 percent for 2013 online holiday season revenue, in line with industry forecasts.”

I am not at all sure what “personalized customer experience solutions” are, but I am positive that predicting 11% growth in holiday sales is more than “cautiously optimistic.” That’s a bullish prediction that translates into a more than $60 billion increase over last year’s holiday sales.

Apparently these guys surveyed a gaggle of retailers (they don’t say specifically how many) and these were the results:

•  Retailers project more than 11 percent increase in year-over-year holiday revenue
•  One in three retailers predict mobile will drive more than 10 percent of total holiday revenue
•  Selectively timed promotions via flash sales and social will dominate season

What’s it mean to you?

If these survey results are even close to being in the ballpark of what actually happens, Holiday 2013 represents a huge opportunity for local media companies. The key will be presenting fresh ideas and relevant content for holiday tie-ins starting with Halloween and continuing right up to Christmas Day.

Lets hope these guys know what they are talking about.