Auto Dealer Ads: A Right Or A Privilege?

02 Aug Auto Dealer Ads: A Right Or A Privilege?

How many times do you suppose the conversation between your sales rep and your auto dealers goes something like this:

“Hi Joe. How’s it going? What do you have for me today?”

Be honest with yourself.

Car and pickup sales were up 14 percent in July.¬† According to Borrell Associates auto manufacturers and dealers are forecast to spend $32.8 billion on advertising this year, the lion’s share coming from local dealers and their associations. In many markets auto advertising is already the biggest single ad category and there’s currently a huge upside opportunity to be tapped.

Auto Ad ChartYet too often our sales reps act as if dealer ads and commercials are their right, rather than a privilege.

We owe it to our dealers to treat them as the important customers they are. Whether you create something yourself, buy from another provider or choose online or print auto content from CTW it is past time to offer your auto dealers something new and exciting.

Otherwise the day will soon come when Joe says, “Sorry there’s nothing for you today.”