Are Your Mobile Ads on Death Row? Native to the Rescue.

07 Oct Are Your Mobile Ads on Death Row? Native to the Rescue.

By: Paul Camp, CEO

Would you agree that we must earn more revenue from digital soon?

Does 70-80 percent of your online traffic come from mobile devices, as it does for most stations?

If you answered yes to either of these statements, you have a problem. Apple’s new ad blockers threaten to kill mobile display ads.

You need to find an entirely new approach to digital advertising. Luckily it already exists.

Local native advertising or sponsored content displays brilliantly on mobile devices as part of your news feed.

Native ads load as fast as editorial because they load with editorial. Display ads do not. That’s important to you because according to Google each one second delay in loading loses 10% of viewers.

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Best of all, native ads viewed on mobile devices command a 187% greater click-through rate than ads viewed on desktop machines (Marin Software, study done for Facebook).

Content That Works helps television stations like yours sell, produce and present local native advertising.

Content That Works is the thought leader in the local native ad field.

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