Are Brides in Your Market Worth Fighting For?

12 Jul Are Brides in Your Market Worth Fighting For?

126484274“I’m rounding the corner on our third wedding in less than a year,” wrote the vice president of advertising, who also happened to be the mom of a bride. “The Knot is the top dog for many reasons! Not interested in competing in a space where the top player has many features that we just can’t compete with.”

She’s working at a top 50 DMA local media outlet, and this email was her explanation of why she was not interested in even hearing about what Brides 365 might have to offer.

I’ve always believed in this quote, attributed to Ann Landers:

“Anyone who believes the competitive spirit in America is dead has never been in a supermarket when the cashier opens another check-out line.”

I’m beginning to wonder. What ever happened to competitive zeal?

Our goal is to become the No. 1 or No. 2 go-to source for all things bridal in North America by 2015. How?  By helping local media companies like the one above.

We agree that this media company may not become the No. 1 player in bridal overnight. However, they can quickly become a major player. does have a foothold in this VP’s market. In fact, local vendors there send more than $200,000 dollars straight to TheKnot’s New York headquarters annually.

This VP’s DMA is a $213 million bridal market.  Local vendors will spend more than $9 million a year promoting their products and services, according to estimates from The Wedding Report. Is the remaining $8.8 million in advertising and promotional spend that TheKnot doesn‘t own worth fighting for? We sure think so.

This is especially true when the target audience is signaling that they are putting down roots in your community. You have the opportunity to establish a relationship that could last for decades. What’s that worth to you?

Local media still hold the high ground in the battle to control the relationship with businesses on Main Street. Sadly, those who are unwilling or unable to compete will lose the war.

CTW is a competitor. We will reach our goal and become a top bridal resource. Watch from the sidelines or join in the effort. It’s your choice, but choose wisely!