An Interview with Jason Duffy about His Native Advertising Program

28 Apr An Interview with Jason Duffy about His Native Advertising Program

Jason Duffy is the Interactive Director at KOAA TV in Colorado Springs, CO.  Recently we had a chance to speak with Jason to hear about his native advertising program with Content That Works.  Here is what he had to say:

Q:  Are you happy with the native advertising program?  How has Content That Works effected your program?

A:  Content That Works introduced us to a local native advertising effort that we had not yet tried.  We couldn’t be happier with the program’s success and with our working relationship with your team.  Especially Mary Connors, Chief Editor Native Advertising.  She has been great about meeting our tight deadlines and provides incredible service and products.  KOAA’s native advertising revenue is more than $13,000 a month.  It is new found revenue.

Q:  Where are you placing your native advertisements?

A:  They go into our Home page news feed both on online and mobile.  Each ad drives to an individual landing page that also provides us the additional display ad space for the advertiser.  It’s very effective.  We also utilize the social media posts provided by CTW on Facebook and Twitter.

Q:  Are you able to measure traffic CTRs from the Home and Landing pages?

A:  Yes we can with Google Analytics.  We have seen the majority of our traffic coming in from Facebook!

Q:  What is your time of engagement for native advertising on average?

A:  We have seen an average of 02:30 up to 05:00 minutes for those advertisements.  Our average page visit for non-native advertising is 02:15 minutes, so that is a substantial increase.

Q:  Do the advertisers place the social media posts provided by CTW?

A:  Well we always provide CTW’s special advertiser posts to the advertiser.  We see higher reach with those that leverage the posts. 200 unique visitors without the posts.  Up to 300 uniques when the posts are used.

Q:  What is the referral traffic?

A:  Up to 95%

Q:  What are you charging advertisers for native advertising?

A:  We charge them on an insertion rate monthly.  Each advertiser is share of voice, no more than 10 a month.  1/10th share averaging 7+.

Q:  What are you clients saying about native advertising?

A:  We find that it takes an average of two calls/visits to sign these deals.  Advertisers see the advertisements (unlike banners usually) and actually read them.  There has been a lot of positive feedback on the content.  Further they let us know how easy it is to work with CTW to create these ads, since once the deal is signed, CTW takes over with each advertiser to create the native ads. They definitely agree native ads create more awareness of their companies, products or services.  Finally we have seen growth in our advertiser pool.  Native advertising is a great source to battle negative social comments, too.

Q:  What categories seem to be most responsive to native advertising for your market?

A: Customer service industries – retail, home improvement, auto dealers, auto care, recycling, roofers and plastic surgeons.  We also offer category exclusivity for our native advertising.