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The story is the core of your brand

Your brand tells a story and how you tell that story is how customers connect with you. Some brands are very surface and professional, some brands are very personal and have a human element. The brand story provides a framework of how a customer views your brand and forges a connection between you and your customer.

Knowing Your Story is Vital for Connection

Some brands never spend time knowing their story, and therefore it isn’t developed and used to its full potential. It can be used to engage with your customers by showing human elements of history and how that plays a part in their brand. It allows brands to differ from each other and show their personal side that sets them apart. There are many soft drink companies but what makes coca cola the preferred choice? It’s their brand story and the connection you have to the brand that has contributed to their success. It emphasizes how Coca Cola fits into a community, what they’ve contributed, and their values and their history.

Story Amplifies Your Brand

Using your story for the benefit of the brand looks like finding the elements that make the brand what it is, and expressing that in all content. Maybe your brand is in education, then the story reflects your greatest accomplishments and strengths.

Brand Story is Naturally Ever-changing

A thriving brand is ever-changing. Think of coca cola’s brand 5 years ago, and 10 years ago, and how they have continuously changed to adapt to their customer’s needs and wants. They’ve been able to adapt to what customers find as valuable, but also they’ve taken the path less traveled and done things other companies haven’t, making them leaders in branding and having an original brand story.

Transparency and Trust is Why Story is Important

Someone looking into making a financial decision with your company is going to want to know what they are committing to. The story informs who you are, and what you do, and why you do it. It helps answer all of the customer’s questions before investing themselves in you.

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