A Must Read For Anyone Considering Sponsored Content

15 Nov A Must Read For Anyone Considering Sponsored Content

On the heels of yesterday’s post, this white paper from the American Press Institute came to my attention.

Titled Understanding the Rise of Sponsored Content this is one of the best explanations of native advertising and other forms of sponsored content I have seen, despite the hurdle of having to read it spread over 10 web pages.

The article does a good job of presenting examples of what sponsored content is, and as importantly what it is not. It discusses how various media companies organize their sponsored content efforts. Various views of sponsored content are presented from media companies selling to the brands that use it.

The white paper underscores the reality that sponsored content must be great content to work for the brands that pay for it. For example:

“…the content should be so useful and accurate that the reader wouldn’t care whether it was sponsored or not,” according to Kimberly Lau, vice president and general manager of The Atlantic Digital.

This analysis is a must read for anyone who thinking about how to take advantage of sponsored content opportunities to generate new revenue.