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Areas That May need an audit

Your website is the highest priority where a content audit can give the most value but there are other platforms that can use quality content to leverage its potential. Social media platforms, e-communications, photography + video, branding are areas that need to be assessed as well. You may have a social media marketing strategy but it is working? Maybe the topics don’t have influence or are attracted to just a small minority and could be making a negative impact on your brand. E-communications platforms can get overlooked with the long list of priorities in front of it but are just as important as making a lasting impression with your audience as the other digital marketing platforms. Photography + Video content is just that, content, and needs to be regularly analyzed and improved. Besides content in photo and video, the quality and techniques should be consistent, and forward-moving and adaptable. For example, the photography on your website should all carry the same, style that looks and feel consistent.

There are Benefits and Returns

The first thing is determining the issues your content might be creating. It’s hard to get better at something if you don’t know your mistakes. It may be a broken link or content about a product that is no longer being used. It may be content that is just taking up space and is adding no real value. Content is everything in developing good SEO habits, and content is important in places where you would least expect it to be.

 Replacing old content with new and fresh content that adds more value is the name of the game. It’s easy to become connected with the work that has been done on your website, and have an emotional attachment to it, but if it just isn’t working, you may need a serious look at getting a content audit.

Finding content gaps is huge in a content audit. What does that look like? It’s content that is inconsistent, which aims to explain a product or service but just doesn’t do it well. It lacks the information that the audience needs or is looking for. 

Improving the structure of how your content is used is huge. For example, you may have a blog post that is exactly what the audience needs, but it’s hidden in an old archive from years ago and would take work to find.

Achieving the goal 

The goal is to find a comprehensive framework of old content that needs to be thrown out, edited, reorganized, optimized and re-purposed. A partial content audit is another alternative option and can yield the same results to let’s say the home page or landing page. Your digital platforms will look new and fresh and have valuable content that any new customer will breeze through while trying to find what they are looking for.







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