Why Storytelling Matters

09 Apr Why Storytelling Matters

You may have come to believe that TED Talks invented storytelling, but the fact is, since cavemen first took charcoal to rock, humans have been storytellers. Spinning a yarn seems to be a universal human instinct.

I love a good story. I am in awe of the humans behind each and every great story told. Stories help people. Stories make us laugh and cry. Stories lift us up. That’s why Content That Works exists.

Our industry leaders too often dwell in a downward spiral of negativity. We see that readers, viewers and listeners are abandoning newspapers, television and radio in droves. We see that advertisers are leaving all traditional media in favor of social media, online and mobile.

Unfortunately, in the process of coping, we can lose sight of why we do what we do: To help people live better lives. To help advertisers do more business.

In a tip of the hat to the TED conferences, Simon Sinek tells his story about how great leaders inspire below: