6 Types of Businesses That Love to Buy Native Ads

11 Aug 6 Types of Businesses That Love to Buy Native Ads

Native ads are a hot topic among content creators, but it’s kind of like the Apple watch – everyone is talking about it, but who is actually buying it?

As writers we’re taught to know our audience. Who are we writing for, what do they want and how can we meet those wants and needs?

The same principle can be applied to potential native advertising clients.

Let’s take Harry Potter for example.

Everyone can (and should) enjoy the story of this wizard boy with a scar attending school and fighting evil. The target audience, though, was always children and young adults. And if the movies, theme park and upcoming Broadway play are anything to go by, I’d say they were successful in cornering that market.

So while every company from the local bakery to big time real estate agencies can benefit from a well-crafted native ad, it’s good to know what kinds of companies are already buying native ads.

At Content That Works, we’ve found that the top 6 categories of native advertising are:

  1. Healthcare (hospitals, med spas, eldercare services, dental practices)
  1. Home Services (air conditioning, roofing, window replacement, electrical services)
  1. Real Estate (real estate brokers, custom builders, condominium developers)
  1. Automotive (car dealerships, retail tire stores, auto service shops)
  1. Travel Tourism (local visitor centers, airports, wineries)
  1. Education (local school districts, universities)


What do these clients have in common? They’re all service-based companies. If you want to get in on the native advertising game, these kinds of clients are a great place to start.

-Carley Lintz, Editorial Coordinator