5 Reasons Facebook Keeps Me Awake At Night

14 Oct 5 Reasons Facebook Keeps Me Awake At Night

Even as Halloween approaches nothing should be scarier to local media companies than Facebook’s recent announcement of its new hyper-local advertising program. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Kathleen Kusek described the service like this in an article for Forbes:

…Facebook announced the launch of hyper-local advertising, targeting ads within a specific distance of a bricks and mortar retailer.  Advertisers can set their message as near as a single mile, meaning it would appear only on the mobile devices of consumers within that specific geography. Facebook says their geo-targeting feature will go live in a few weeks, with many micromarketing applications sure to follow.  As features advance to real-time notifications, users with location tracking could dramatically change the relationship between retailers and consumers.

Nightmare, Linda Braucht (20th C. American), Computer Graphics

Her analysis is worth of a read, but here is an abridged list of the five ways Kusek believes this new service will change our lives:

  1. Less Time in Line
  2. Opportunistic Sales
  3. Time Management
  4. Loyalty Incentives
  5. Any Neighborhood Feels Like Home

Placing an ad on Facebook is already mindlessly simple. Facebook also makes targeting a snap. If you haven’t tried it, go place an ad on Facebook for your media outlet immediately. You will wish it were this easy to place a targeted ad on your website!

Like native advertising, if advertisers do not offer information people want and value this Facebook feature will anger users and ultimately fail. Still, this is yet another formidable competitor for your local dollars.  It’s worth thinking about how you will fight back.


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