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Sponsored content is social

Sponsored content gets you in front of our social media audience and introduces your company to new consumers. See your article featured on our social media channels and share it with your followers, too. A Linkedin sponsored ad is a powerful marketing tool and can save so much time in planning and with content strategy.

Sponsored content is engaging

Readers spend 40% more time engaged with sponsored content vs. display ads, according to Statistica. Engaging content is either informative or useful in some type of way.

Sponsored content is long-lasting

Your sponsored content stories can be discovered weeks, months, even years after they are published to your site. It guides and helps your readers long after it’s written and published. 

Sponsored content is influential

Establish your business as an expert in your field with thoughtful, informative stories that educate our audience while building trust in your brand. Plus, readers spend approximately the same amount of time viewing sponsored content as they do on editorial content, according to Mode Media.

Sponsored content is personal

Quality sponsored content is written just for your business, tailored to help you achieve your goals while also providing your readers with new knowledge. You will create an informed decision process for now and future business considerations.

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