4 Ways to Help Advertisers Enhance Native Performance

06 Nov 4 Ways to Help Advertisers Enhance Native Performance

So far we have talked about what native is, how social media boosts the impact of native ads and how your salespeople should approach selling it. The missing  piece: your advertiser’s active involvement.184051909

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Your local advertisers will have good reason to really like native advertising. However, you probably will have to help them understand that native advertising is not about selling customers, but about giving them the gift of content they can use and enjoy. To work effectively native advertising must  be:

  • Interesting
  • Truthful and honest
  • Useful, entertaining or fun — better yet, all three

If your advertiser insists on a hard sell, boastful or unsubstantiated claims, steer them to a different kind of advertising opportunity. Dishonest, exaggerated native ads will not work for the advertiser and, worse, could hurt you by undermining your credibility with readers.

Even advertisers who “get it” and want to produce really good, helpful content still need your help:

  1. To produce engaging content
  2. To encourage them to do something different, creative or unusual to increase sharing
  3. To guide them in how to use social media
  4. To establish realistic expectations and goals

Here’s how Brakes Plus in Colorado Springs used its own blog and Twitter to promote its native article running on television station website KOAA.com:


Here’s how a school district used Facebook to promote its native article:


Just because your client has a blog, Facebook page or Twitter account does not mean they know how to get the most of social media. Again, they probably need your help.

You Can Help Your Advertisers Help Themselves:

  • Make sure they understand that social media posts linking to their article on your site helps them in search.
  • Make it easy: write several Facebook posts, suggested tweets and Pinterest captions for them.
  • Make sure the links are back to your site. Linking to the same content on their own site will not do as much good.
  • Give them a schedule for posting. For example, a different Facebook post about the article every other day for 10 days; encouraging them to tweet the same message out at different times throughout the day.

This may sound like a lot of work, but it needn’t be. In fact, we create suggested posts for both you and your customer when we do an article. You can email the posts and the schedule as each new article goes up. By helping your advertiser make the most of their investment by using social media, you deepen your relationship, establish trust and set the stage for future sales. As important, you drive traffic to your website, which ultimately makes it even more important in your community.

Finally, it is important to help your advertisers understand what to expect from native advertising. For example, the number of impressions may be fewer than in some other forms of online advertising, but the number of click-throughs should be much higher. The amount and duration of engagement should also dramatically increase. Results also increase over time due to the long tail effect of search and cumulative effect of frequency.

Advertisers who use social media, their websites, newsletters, postcards and other means to promote their native advertising reap outsized results.

Tomorrow we wrap up native advertising blog week with some thoughts about expert advice. In the meantime, please share your comments, suggestions or thoughts here or email me, paul@contentthatworks.com. Thanks!