$200,000 for a native ad?

21 May $200,000 for a native ad?

Yep. Time magazine charges $200,000 for their native campaigns.

BuzzFeed, which generated more than $100 million from native alone last year charges $100,000 for native campaigns.

RealSimple charges $30,000.

What should you charge?

It is a question we hear often.

The answer is simple: Charge a lot more than you think you should. You can always lower the price. You will never be able to justify huge increases if you set your price too low.

And never, ever price per impression. Our free ebook explains why: Well executed native ads will get shared in social media and live on long after they come down from your home page. They may be discovered in search for months or even years later. You cannot possible count or anticipate these impressions

If your native content is interesting, original, helpful and local, it elevates your advertisers in opinion leadership and in search. Native advertising trades on your reputation. For that reason alone it is worth a ton.