2 reasons to invest in holiday content & 1 marketing tip

24 Oct 2 reasons to invest in holiday content & 1 marketing tip

Advertisers, retailers and publishers all know that the holidays are important revenue opportunities. With promotions starting earlier and earlier each year, it’s hard to pin down when to look into advertising or publishing holiday content.

The answer? Now. Now for everything!

Why? Because people start early when it comes to their holiday shopping and plans. In fact,15.4% of retailers will begin holiday advertising on Oct. 1 (Stasita.com, 2015). This year I started in September. Yes, September! When you find the perfect gift, why wait till the last minute when you can already be done and actually enjoy the holidays? And most likely by the end of October, I will have fully planned out which holiday events I want to attend.

How do I find these? Content. Giving people quality content is the best way to not only help them with these plans and purchase decisions but also make some extra revenue this season.


Why buy holiday content?

When people start shopping for the holidays (like I did in September), about 7 in 10 are completely undecided on what to buy or are considering multiple options (Think with Google, 2015). This uncertainty is probably also reflected in where they shop. Do I go to Toys “R” Us? Do I go to Kohl’s? What about that local children’s store? This is where content is a win-win for the publisher, the retail store, and most important the consumer.

For example, let’s say your publication purchases our 24-page Holiday Gift Guide magazine featuring the top 50 toys of the season. Consumers get ideas for a fabulous gift, advertising retailers get promotion and business, and publishers make extra revenue for the season.

This could turn into the easiest incremental revenue you bring in all year. By publishing quality holiday content year over year, you are not only building rapport for being a place for readers to get the information they’re looking for, but also a go-to place for retailers to advertise. Another win-win.


So you’re convinced, now how do you market this to your readers?

Tease it out.

Promote bits and pieces of your holiday content out through your social channels. Let people know. Tell them when it will be published, and provide links to your site or pictures of it in your paper once released to let people know.

Create a conversation.

Buy Holiday Decorating? Engage followers on social by asking for their favorite decorating tip, or memory. Ask what they found most helpful in the content. You could even run a contest relating to your content!

Want more tips? Our holiday content comes with advertiser ideas for you so you can enjoy your holiday as much as your readers will reading your content.

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