2 out of every 5 local dollars spent on digital

12 Feb 2 out of every 5 local dollars spent on digital

According to a new Burrell Associates study, local businesses will spend $47.8 million on digital advertising in 2015. That’s up 42% over last year and represents about $2 out of every $5 spent.

Local Ad Spend

According to the Burrell report:

Four types of companies are forming:

  • Traditional media companies stuck in the analog world, selling a little digital stuff because it’s easy, but not really believing there’s good money in it
  • Traditional media companies that are more excited about the prospects but still reticent (or unable) to invest more in order to grow quickly
  • Traditional media companies that have seen the light and are determined to grow again, investing heavily in digital by hiring people or acquiring companies

But that actually makes three types of companies, says the report. The fourth is Internet “pureplays,” and there are thousands of them. True to predictions, they have gobbled up share at the local level. In 2015, these independent companies will account for nearly three-fourths of all digital advertising, elbowing out local-media competitors who have tried for two decades to use their existing sales forces to also sell digital advertising.

Plainly you don’t want to be the traditional media company stuck in the analog world given these statistics.

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