1/8 Sales-to-Staff Ratio: A Recipe for Doom & Gloom

02 Jul 1/8 Sales-to-Staff Ratio: A Recipe for Doom & Gloom

I just called one of our clients and learned that the phone number we had for the ad director was no longer in service. So I went to the client’s website.

Our contact is no longer there. In fact, there is no ad director listed at all.

I counted a staff of 32 listed on the website of this particular newspaper. Of the 32 staffers listed, only four were in sales.

Three of those worked in the classified department. That left a single person selling display advertising.

We hear time and time again that our clients don’t have the bandwidth to take on new projects. We totally get it that everyone in local media is asked to do more today with fewer people.

Still, only four people selling out of 32?

That’s a recipe for disaster, not for sales growth or bottom-line success.