10 Keys to Publishing Successful Niche Magazines

28 Oct 10 Keys to Publishing Successful Niche Magazines

Frequent niche publications (published at least three times a year), offer the single biggest opportunity for revenue growth, says publisher Brad Shurett of The Daily Sentinel in Scottsboro, Ala.

Shurett, speaking at a recent revenue summit held for newspapers published by Southern Newspapers, Inc., told fellow publishers that they are “missing out on a significant revenue stream if they are not publishing frequent niche publications and doing it correctly.”

His 10 tips for launching and successfully profiting from niche magazines published recently in the Southern Newspaper Publishers’ Association eBulletin is a good niche product planning guide.

Of course, CTW stands ready to help in this process with terrific content in each of the topical areas mentioned by Shurett. At Southern Newspapers, the publisher often takes the leadership role on niche products, and Shurett warns that the leader has to be excited about the project “or it will fail!”

We couldn’t agree more. In market after market, we’ve found that having a champion for the project who has a vested interest in its success is the single most important key to success.